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Chiropractic Solutions Group is Singapore's trusted centre for corrective-care chiropractic treatments. Our team of experienced chiropractors deliver with professionalism, honesty and a high level of standard and care. Chiropractic Solutions Group was founded in 2009 by chiropractors, Dr. Richard S.W. Pang & Dr. Allan Ng with their first clinic based in Tampines, Singapore. They have since expanded with the opening of their second outlet at Harbourfront Centre where, Dr. Kylie Foster serves as the principal chiropractor.


As a group our purpose is to help you achieve full potential living by enhancing your spine and nervous system through natural and non-surgical chiropractic care.




CSG is "The Trusted Choice for Chiropractic Care in Singapore" delivering 100% natural health care as per the specific needs and requirements of the patients.



If you have:

  • Low back pain

  • Sciatica
  • Disc syndromes (Slipped Disc, Disc Bulge)

  • Neck pain

  • Headaches or Migraines (Cervicogenic)

  • Scoliosis

  • Uncomfortable tingling, numbness, stabbing or shooting sensations

  • Sport Injuries

  • Joint Pains


CSG could be the answer for you!!


No Drugs, No Surgery, Just Results!


for pain relief the natural way


I have been suffering from frequent discomfort in the calf and neck area. Initially I thought it could have something to do with my nerves that resulted in the frequent discomfort that I felt and experienced. Before being introduced to CSG, I have been to numerous GPs and even to the extent of going to private hospital. even so, the results were always the same and disappointing, almost to the extent of me giving up hope. Finally, a good friend of mine introduced CSG to me.

Saera Bte Hassan, Housewife

Dear Dr Richard Pang,

Had I not known you, I would not have known about chiropractic; I would have remained a stranger to my body.

I am writing this letter of appreciation on behalf of my body. My body endured the tormenting pains and discomforts, so it is in a better position to tell the difference before and after the chiropractic treatments.

Lawrence Poh, Financial Controller

I have my first back problem back in 2004 and it was so bad that I hardly walked for a few steps. I went to a doctor several time but was constantly given pain killers. The pain and back problem persisted for 2-3 months. I finally decided to try acupuncture and it did relief the pain, it slowly recover.

Wong Chin Khuen, Senior Solution Architect

I have sought numerous kinds of treatments for my back problem but it did not help. I was very desperate to seek the right treatment as my health and lifestyle have been badly affected. I have had countless sleepless nights because of my persistent back problem and the shooting pain on my right leg.

Cornelius Lim, Network Deployment Manager

I suffered from:-

Stiff neck, neck & shoulder pain
Occasional numbness on my left arm
Disrupted sleep in the night

Ying Sow Ying, Clerk

Yes, I was not able to turn my neck and I also had a bad backache for awhile. I am now much better.

Davibai P. Asnani, Retiree

I have neck and shoulder discomfort since 2007 after my menopause. Every morning, whenever I wake up, I would feel very lethargic. As the years go by, it gets worse. It has gone to the extent of having dizziness, breathless and palpitations. I do not even have the energy to go marketing or shopping.

Eileen Yeo Seok Tiang, Assistant Manager, Data Support (Finance)

I started treatment from him and after a few treatments, I completely stop taking my pain-killer medicine as the pain stops and I can walk better. I am very happy with his treatment and continue up to this very day in which I am testifying that his treatment is the best without any invasive surgery.

Agnes Kuah, Retiree
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